Hotspot, Call Shop and Cyber Café Software : Archive Analysis


This function analyses the archive to derive a wide range of information about the data in the archive.



The information analyzed can be of three types:


  • Navigation sessions: analyses all the customer's navigation sessions. The beginning and ending date, the workstation used, the sites consulted and the cost are shown for each session. The data displayed can be easily exported in Excel, HTML or text format.


  • Applications executed: this type of search shows the data for the applications executed from the surfing stations. The data is displayed on two pages: the first displays data about the frequency with which each application was executed, while the second displays the detail (date, state, user, type of execution and operating system) for each single execution of a program.


  • Recharges, Printing, etc. : in this case, a complete list of all the printouts and recharges for each user, the credit used during the session and the duration of the session.


  • Calls: displays a window containing two pages: the first displays data about telephone calls based on the destination called (prefix), while the second displays a detailed list of the telephone calls made by customers. In addition to normal information such as date, time, telephone number, etc., for each call it also displays the routing cost with the relative profit made from the call. For the latter information to be significant, the rate data for VoIP carriers must be uploaded.



In addition to the type of data to retrieve, it is also possible to tell the program what data to look for. In particular, it is possible to specify which clients to take into consideration, to select the period in which to search, to indicate the workstations to look at and, finally, to indicate whether to search in the archive or in a previously made backup.

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