Hotspot Software : Installation and Configuration as Hotspot WI-FI

Softvision Explorer can manage internet access for computers or other devices like PDA, mobile phones etc., using wireless connections. These devices do not require any software to access Hotspots managed by the program.  
Softvision Explorer supports two different types of Hotspots :


  • Hotspot on LAN 2 : this type of Hotspot is based on one or more wireless Access Point  connected, possibly through a switch, to a second network card (LAN 2) on the server. The configuration of this section is necessary if you wish to use the software as a Hotspot or to manage connections on LAN 2. In this screen you will have to specify which network card is connected to the network with the internet connection (LAN 1) and which network card is connected to the wireless Access Point of LAN 2. If you are using a Router wireless, you will also have to specify the IP addresses of the WAN and LAN ports of the Router Wireless. These are set at the default values of (WAN) and (LAN). Finally, with the “Use internal NAT” option, you can avoid changing the modem’s routing tables. This function is available only for Windows XP and Vista with the firewall active. For further information on this type of configuration, we strongly advise you to consult the guide to installation and configuration of the software. Lastly, the redirection mode specifies the technique to use for redirect users not logged in on the authentication page. This mode must run as "standard" in the majority of cases. You must use the "Alternative" mode only when there are problems with the other mode (for example with some particular modems).


  • RADIUS Hotspot : uses wireless systems that communicate with Softvision Explorer using the RADIUS protocol. It is possible to use any wireless router that supports OpenWRT, DD-WRT, CoovaAP firmware or any other system that supports the RADIUS certification. In this section you can specify the 'Shared secret' necessary for the RADIUS protocol and one or more locations. For detailed information on the set up of this type of Hotspot, consult page 'Set up of a RADIUS Hotspot'.





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