Hotspot Software : Configuration as Hotspot on LAN 2

In this type of Hotspot the server must be equipped with an additional PCI network card to enable connection to two different networks, called LAN 1 and LAN 2 : the first is connected to internet, while the second is connected to an Access Point
(or a wireless router) that manages wireless connections.
The following scheme shows how this is done :




The first network (LAN 1) has an address space 192.168.0.x, while the second network (LAN 2) has an address type 192.168.1.x. The two networks therefore have different address spaces and LAN 2 elements cannot directly use the connection to internet provided by LAN 1.

Using the Preferences function on the "Hotspot Configuration" page, you must indicate the two network cards connected to LAN 1 and to LAN 2,  while for the "Wireless Device" item, you must specify the type of wireless device used to provide the WI-FI connection by choosing between the two types available : Access Point or Wireless Router. The following instructions refer to the Access Point case. For information on the Wireless Router configuration see the page Configuration with Wireless Router.

After selecting the use as Access Point, you must specify whether you wish to use the DHCP server in the programme. If you decide not to use this server, you will have to use either one that is present in the Access Point, or one that is implemented by other software installed on the computer.  Also you must make sure that the server is not running Web servers like IIS or other services which use port 80.

Now let us see how all the components in the previous scheme should be configured :


ADSL Modem Router

This router, connected to LAN 1, supplies the internet connection to the server, to which it is connected by the first network card.

The configurations should be made as follows :

- IP Address :

- Subnet mask :


You you are using Windows XP-Seven you must active windows firewall and check “Use internal NAT” option, found in the hotspot configuration options (strongly recommended). Otherwise the router’s routing table (static routes) must also be changed by entering the rule :
- IP Address :
- Subnet mask :
- Gateway : (address of the network card for the server connected to LAN 1)


In this way we instruct the router that packets with address 192.168.1.x are to be sent to the server.



Access Point

The Access Point’s LAN port should be configured as static (Static IP) in the following way :

- IP Address :

- Subnet mask :

- Gateway : (address of the network card for the server connected to LAN 2)




Server network cards

Network card connected to LAN 1 network :

- IP Address :

- Subnet mask :

- Pre-defined gateway : (address of the ADSL Modem Router)

- DNS : addresses of your internet provider’s DNS servers

Just as an example, the value has been entered as the IP of this card. This address can be set to any value between and


Network card connected to LAN 2 network:


- IP Address :

- Subnet mask :

- Pre-defined gateway : no value



N.B. All the IP addresses used in the previous configuration are freely customizable, as long as they are consistent with the other network components. For example, you could set the first network card to  IP address, but clearly in this case the Access Point network configuration also requires changing, using a different address space to 192.168.1.x (e.g. for the Access Point and for the second network card).


Other than the previous configuration, you can also configure the system to manage both wired and WI-FI workstations. For further information refer to the Configuration as Internet Café with Hotspot item.




Hotspot System: Hotspot wi-fi management software

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