Free Updates for Softvision Explorer

On this page, you can download updates for our software.
After downloading the update, it must be run on all the computers of the network: both the server and the various clients.

Updates for the latest version 4.x
Program Version Release Date
Softvision Explorer Server and Manager 4.29 05/09/2018
Explorer Client 4.05 05/09/2018
Explorer Printer Monitor 4.01 04/10/2013
Explorer Coins n.d -


Explorer Manager 4.29
- Windows 10 compatibility improvement

Explorer Client 4.05
- Windows 10 compatibility improvement

Explorer Manager 4.28
- WiFi and USB network card support

Explorer Manager 4.27
- Ping time improvement (from 125 ms to 25 ms)


Updates for the version 3
Program Version Release Date
Softvision Explorer 3.46 02/03/2011
Explorer Coins 3.01 26/03/2010
Explorer Printer Monitor 3.01 29/05/2009

Explorer Manager 3.45
-Statistic problems using MySql
-Coins in Cash management
-Smart card reader driver update
-Problems in receipts printing

Explorer Manager 3.44
-Mikrotik mac address authentication
-Forced logout on Mikrotik
-subscriptions Reset for prepaid tickets
-Entering cash transactions in the sales of prepaid tickets

Explorer Manager 3.43
-Deleting of calls below the minimum threshold
-MAC-Authentication with the "Allow access via username and password" disabled
-Analysis cash crash transactions in the absence of operations

Explorer Manager 3.42
-Improved performance in the presence of stores with several thousand users
-Using Ajax even in pop-up RADIUS
-Limiting the use of the configuration wizard
-Lack of some windows cursor editor (login and password, etc.).
-Preference "Allow Purchase tickets"
-Error in cash budget
-Problems when a user, without credit, tries to access using authentication with MAC-Address
-Problems with credit cards automatic elimination below the threshold elimination

Explorer Client  3.42
-Internet Explorer 8 support

Explorer Manager 3.41
-New  Captive Portal themes  : Camping, Beach, Butterfly-Hubble, Hubble-Earth
Support for RADIUS router (Fonera, Ubiquiti, D-Link)
Pop-up-timer in free hotspot mode
-Problems in creating a Location the Wizard
-Problems changing the monitor resolution
-Improvements in the tariffs importing of the carrier VoIP

Explorer client 3.41
UltraVNC configuration

Explorer Manager 3.40
Total renewal of Captive Portal with the introduction of themes and the ability to modify text and logos on every page
Captive Portal: possibility to renew subscriptions via paypal / credit card
Captive Portal: possibility to buy prepaid tickets
-Access Hotspot: automatic login via Mac Address, automatic reconnection, access to the system with the combination login/password and Mac Address
-Access to workstations: ability to enable / disable access via Smart Card and capability to login through login/password and/or smart cards
-Auto configuration time (NTP server and time zone) on routers RADIUS
-Problem  truncation of long names in Analysis Sessions
-Limited to 2 remote locations for single server license
-Crash when editing a location from the Setup Wizard
-Crash by double clicking on the button "Scan" in User Record
-Validation of the issue date of document

Client Explorer 3.40
-Update vncserver

Updates for the old version 2
Program Version Release Date
Softvision Explorer Standard and Professional 2.65 12/06/2008
Explorer Printer Monitor 1.18 25/03/2008
Explorer Coins 1.15 25/03/2008

Recent changes :

Explorer Manager 2.65
2.65 New smart card formatting
2.65 Update zipdll

Explorer Client 2.65

2.65 Client software execution improvements

Explorer Manager 2.64
2.64 Connection to Softvision server on Port 80

Explorer Manager 2.63
2.63 Disabled Users
2.63 Wake On Lan
2.63 Forced closure of Explorer Client (from server)
2.63 Predefined Group and Rate plane
2.63 Capability of closing Explorer Manager without lost connections

Explorer Client 2.63
2.63 New menu structure
2.63 Vista support
2.63 Chat button flashing

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