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The purpose of telephone rate plans is to determine what telephone rate must be applied to the customer when he/she makes a call.

Naturally, you can define the various telephone rate plans to apply the different rates to your customers. The telephone rate plan is associated to the customer using his/her personal record.

It is important not to confuse the rates with the rate plans. The telephone rates indicate the costs of the calls based on the number called, while the rate plans are used to identify the rate to use based on the customer and/or day of the week.



There are two types of telephone rate plans :


Constant Plans : In this case, the program will always apply the same rate independent of the day of the week in which the customer makes the call.


Variable Plans : Using the variable plans, the customer will have a rate applied that depends on the particular day he/she makes the call. By selecting this type of plan, we therefore have to specify a rate for each of the days of the week.

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