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Telephone rates are necessary to determine the cost to charge to the customer for a call made towards a prefixed number.

In general, the costs of the calls that the carriers apply are different based on the country called. For this reason you will probably be interested in applying a rate that varies depending on the telephone prefix called.


The following telephone data will be specified for each telephone prefix :


Telephone prefix

The telephone prefix code for the country or type of mobile phone. For example, 001 for the United States, 0039 for Italy, 340 for Vodafone etc.

Country / Zone

The name of the country that corresponds to the prefix.


Routing method

This parameter is fundamentally important because it specifies which VoIP carrier (if more than one is entered) must be used to route the call. The values permitted are as follows :


  • Default : the default VoIP carrier is used for the call.


  • Cheapest : this mode enables call routing while always using the carrier with the lowest rate for that particular prefix. Obviously, to use this type of routing, the telephone rates of the VoIP carrier entered must be specified.

  • Select carrier : in this case you can specify which carrier to use for calls with that particular prefix. Thanks to this mode, for example, you can decide calls to America must be made using the Cheapnet carrier, while those to Canada must be made using the Eutelia carrier etc.


  • None : if routing is set at this value the call will not be forwarded to any carrier and therefore the customer cannot call the prefix in question.




Type of rate to apply to customer

Defines the technique to use to calculate the cost to charge the customer. Three choices are possible  :


  • Per second : the charge is calculated based on the seconds the call lasted. This type of rate requires the cost per minute of the call to be entered and the possible connection charge.


  • Per step : a step is charged to the customer every determined number of seconds. You must specify the duration of the step and the relative cost.


  • Per % profit : in this case the cost is charged to the customer and calculated based on the cost the VoIP carrier used applies to you for the calls with that prefix. For example, by indicating a percentage profit of 30% and assuming the cost per minute applied by the carrier is 10 cents per minute, the cost charged to the customer will be 10+3=13 cents.



There are numerous telephone prefixes to set. For this reason, you can apply the same changes to any group of prefixes by using the "Change" function.

To use this function, you must select the prefixes to change (CTRL+click) and then click on the "Change" function. A window opens that allows you to indicate the parameters to change and the nine possible values to attribute.


Lastly, remember that you are obliged to always enter a default prefix (00). This prefix is attributed to the calls where the prefix does not appear among those specified in this window.

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