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Installation and Configuration as an Hotspot WI-FISoftvision Explorer is a complete software for managing a Hotspot (Wi-Fi).
Using this software your customers can access the internet with their laptop, PDA or mobile, if they have a Wi-Fi card, without having to install software.
To connect to the Hotspot the customer, after registering with the manager of the location, just has to go to any page in the browser and enter username and password. After login, users are connected to the internet and can use any application installed on their computer which requires an internet connection (browser, email, FTP, Chat).
Users can navigate for free or by paying in the following two ways : pre-paid (also with pre-paid tickets) or post-paid. For paid navigation the software offers a wide range of payment types which include many customising options (charged by time, by the unit, charge to the connection etc.)
Software installation is quite simple and can be done by anyone with even a slight knowledge of networking. The software can be installed on any computer which is set up as a server and connected to the internet by any method (ADSL modem, etc.), and a wireless router which is able to manage Wi-Fi connections.



Softvision Explorer supports two different types of Hotspots :

  • Hotspot on LAN 2 : this type of Hotspot is based on one or more wireless Access Point connected, possibly through a switch, to a second network card (LAN 2) on the server.

  • RADIUS Hotspot : uses wireless systems that communicate with Softvision Explorer using the RADIUS protocol. It is possible to use any wireless router that supports DD-WRT and CoovaAP firmware (Linksys 54GL, Netgear Wrg614 etc.) or any other system that supports the RADIUS certification (Mikrotik etc.)

Main Features of Hotspot facilities
  • Hotspot management for WI-FI access using a second network card or wireless router with firmware DD-WRT, CoovaAP or other RADIUS devices (Miktrokit etc.)
  • Access, MySql and Sql Server database support
  • Navigation mode : pre-paid, post-paid, by time, traffic, subscription or free.
  • Management of automatic recharges using Paypal or Credit Card  .
  • Firewall on ports, URL, IP and keywords .
  • Band limitation for uploads and downloads  .
  • Complete management of customer data with the possibility of directly scanning documents.
  • Information on the user with notification of notes present, documents missing or disabled users.
  • Optional expiry date for user accounts.
  • Organization of users in groups, with the possibility of setting various permissions or permitted applications for group members.
  • Users can navigate on a limited number of sites with external links disabled.
  • Hourly or "step" rates.
  • Rate Plans : you can apply different rates based on the day, time or customer.
  • Archive analysis : recharges made by a customer, credit used, printing etc.. with exporting of results in Excel, in Html and in text format.
  • Use and financial statistics.
  • Customizable user card printing.
  • Manual or automatic backup with the possibility of directly burning data on CD or DVD.
  • Periodic compacting of programmable archives.
  • Receipt management.
  • Checkout management : opening and closure, automatic management of recharge and subscription renewal operations, manual operations and checkout analysis (balancing).
  • Management of operators with customizable permissions.
  • Mac Address White List : you can specify the Mac Addresses that can navigate the hotspot without authentication.
  • User parameter alignment.
  • Multiple servers : sharing of users among different sites.
  • Notifications of customizable events : post-paid log-out sessions, customer login with notes etc.
  • Setup wizard : guide to starting program configuration.
    Who the programme is for

    Hotels : for these businesses the software will enable you to offer an exclusive service to your customers by which they will be able to navigate the internet from their rooms, using their own computers connected via your Wi-Fi Hotspot.

    Libraries : more and more public libraries are offering their customers free access to the internet. By installing a Hotspot in your library your customers will be able to navigate using their own laptops via Wi-Fi, leaving your fixed terminals free for others to use.

    Pubs : by installing a free Hotspot in your pub, you will give your customers yet another reason for being there.

    Cyber Cafes, Internet Cafes : for this kind of business the software is particularly useful because it supplies access to both fixed and wireless connected terminals.

    Overview of functions
    User Record
    This function specifies the customer's master file data and the way he can use the workstation to navigate.
    The window is divided into 5 pages:

      hotspot user record

    Registration Data : The customer's registration data must be entered on this page. It is also possible to gather other data about his residence and possibly contact information (e-mail and telephone).

    Document : This section allows gathering all the information on an identity document: type, number, date and issuing agency. The two sides of the document can be scanned in the pages "Front Image" and "Back Image".

    Authentication : This section is used to specify the customer's username and password.

    Navigation : This page has options that control how the user can navigate.

    Note : In this last page, records can be added about the user.


    User Management
    This section of the main window displays the names of customers in the archive together with their balance due and navigation method (prepaid, post-paid, traffic etc..). If the customer has a negative balance, the figures in the Balance Due column are red. This normally happens when customers are navigating in post-paid mode.

    Hotspot users

    There is a search box in the upper part of this section that is very useful for quickly finding a customer by simply typing the first few characters of his name. More...

    Archive Backup
    Backing up the program archives is of vital importance for a variety of reasons. In fact, in the case of lost data due, for example, to a hard disk failure (an event that is hardly rare), all the users' data would be lost. This could lead to more or less serious problems: for example, should all customer receivable data be lost, you would not be able to provide session data to the courts, not to mention scanned documents, registry master file data, etc.

    Backup of Hotspot customer data

    For this reason, Explorer Manager provides a variety of functions dedicated to safeguarding the data and, thanks to which, it is possible to quickly restore the archives if they are damaged. More...

    Navigation Rate Plans
    The Rate Plans are entirely similar to those that phone companies use to decide what rates to charge the customer when he makes a phone call. Softvision Explorer uses them to determine the rate the customer will be charged when he accesses a workstation.

    You can define different rates to charge your customers. For example, you can set one rate for students and another one for loyal customers, etc. The rate plan is associated to the customer in his personal user recordMore...

    User Groups
    When using Softvision Explorer each user must belong to a Group. The user is assigned to a Group in his user record.
    The user group defines what functions the client can access when he connects. In this way, for example, it is possible to define which programs the users in a certain group can run or which disks they are allowed, or denied, access to.
    By defining several groups of users it is possible, for example, to group your clientele based on the level of trust you grant them.

    By defining several groups of users it is possible, for example, to group your clientele based on the level of trust you grant them.  More...

    The Softvision Explorer archive contains a large quantity of data whose statistical analyses are a huge help in managing your business.

    Hotspot statistics

    There are various types of graphs to display statistical results : bar, area, pie or line charts. The same data can also be displayed in table form. More...

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