Hotspot, Call Shop and Cyber Café Software : Hardware and Software Requirements


Softvision Explorer 4 will run on the following operating systems :


  • Windows 2000/2004

  • Windows XP

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows Seven


Internet Explorer 6-9 is required for the Explorer Client module, as it is the pre-defined browser for it.


Please note that some versions of Windows XP and Vista limit the number of computers that can be connected to the network. For example Windows XP Home does not support networks with more than 5 computers. So in this case more than 4 navigation workstations cannot be enabled, because the network can contain a maximum of 5 computers (1 server and 4 clients).


Using the cyber cafe module of Softvision Explorer there are no instructions regarding the hardware requirements, while configured as a Hotspot, the hardware must conform to the following :


Computer set up as a server : the computer must be equipped with two Ethernet network cards. As computers generally have a network card already present on the motherboard, you just have to add a PCI network card.

ADSL Modem/ Router
 : any model.


Device for the Wi-Fi connection (Hotspot) : to create the Hotspot you can use an Access Point or Wireless Router. In the first case any device of this kind can be used (if possible with a DHCP server), while in the second case a wireless router which has the following features must be used :

- internal DHCP server

- possibility of disabling the NAT (or to work in router mode)

- possibility of setting the WAN port (internet port) to static address.


For telephone functionalities, the program complies with the SIP standard. Therefore any telephone hardware or software based on this standard can be used.




Hotspot System: Hotspot wi-fi management software

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