Guide to WI-FI in Hotels

The internet has become an essential instrument that cannot be missing in hotels. Thanks to WI-FI technology, it is now possible to share a single internet connection (typically an ADSL line) over a wide area or inside a building, without the need for expensive cable laying.

WI-FI in hotels

By installing a WI-FI (Hotspot) access point in your hotel, your guests can comfortably surf the internet from their rooms, or in other areas of the hotel, by using a laptop computer with a wireless network card.

Index of contents:

WI-FI Hotspots

Why Hotel WI-FI

Comparing Wireless and LAN in hotels

What is needed for hotel WI-FI

Software and Hardware Configuration for Hotel WI-FI Hotspots

How to connect hotel guests

Hotel internet stations

Internet for a fee in hotels

Which ADSL for hotels


Hotel WI-FI hot-spots



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