Download Hotspot WI-FI (LAN 2, RADISU), Windows and Linux Internet Café and Call Shop Software

On this page, you can download the shareware version of our Internet Café, Call Shop and hotspot management software. This is a completely functional version that expires in 15 days. The only limitation is that it supports a maximum of two navigation workstations.
The shareware version can be easily converted to a normal registered version by purchasing the relative unlock code from the orders page.
After you download the program, we recommend that you read the before installing it.

Download Hotspot and cyber Cafè Software

Download Software Explorer 4 (15 days Trial)

Softvision Explorer 4 SERVER and MANAGER : Hotspot (Lan 2, RADIUS), Call Shop and Cyber Cafè Software. This is a completely functioning trial version that expires in 15 days. This version can also be registered with an unlock code.
Multilanguage installation : English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese

Cyber cafè client module for Windows : this module is installed on surfing stations and is only required if using the program for managing an Internet Café.

Cyber cafè client module for Linux Ubuntu 9-10 : It is the version of the Softvision Explorer client developed for the Linux Unbuntu operating system. To install the debian package, just open the file explorerclient-4.deb. After installation you can launch the Explorer Client program from the Ubuntu Internet menu.

Explorer Printer Monitor 4. This module is used to detect the print-outs made by the user and should be installed on computers connected to USB printers only if they do not already execute Explorer Manager or Explorer Client.

Explorer Coins 4 . Allows a computer with an electronic coin acceptor to be set up as a re-charge workstation.



Other Download : driver for  smart card readers/writers ASEDrive

X-Lite : free software to convert a PC into a VoIP phone.

Driver ASEDrive III : driver for USB readers and keyboards with integrated reader.


Older Versions Downloads

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