Hotspot, Call Shop and Cyber Café Software : Hotspot Facilities

Softvision Explorer is able to transform your location into a Hotspot which conforms completely to the anti-terrorism laws. Your customers can connect directly to the internet using their laptops (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.), PDA, mobile phones and any kind of device which has a wireless network card and a browser.
Wireless connections take place through an open Access Point (wireless router). There is therefore no protection (WEP etc.) to make the wireless networks secure. The server on which Explorer Manager is installed has the task of only allowing connections made by users who have a username and password.

Now let us see which operations a user needs to carry out to connect to a Hotspot. When customers are within range of an Access Point at your location, their computers are automatically able to find the wireless network and connect to it. For this to be successful, the customer’s wireless network card must be set up to obtain the IP address and DNS server automatically.

Now the customer should open a page on the browser and will be automatically re-directed to the page which looks like this :



WI-FI network Access





After entering username and password obtained from the registration, customer will be shown a page like this:


Initial Credit : € 31,00
To disconnect go to page 
To check your credit go to page
To recharge using PayPal or credit card, click here



By clicking on the button "Start navigation", the pre-defined web page appears and the browser opens  a second window containing information on the navigation, such as the elapsed time, remaining credit etc.


Time : 00:12:05
Cost : € 2,23
Balance : € 45,22



The previous window appears in the top right and, if closed,  can always be re-opened by typing, in the browser address bar, the address
To disconnect you just have to click on the “Disconnect” button in this window, or go to the page
If the customer forgets to logout, after a period of time which can be set in Explorer Manager’s Settings | Preferences function, the server will automatically disconnect the customer.

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